Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mistake? — Poll

I must admit, I've been a little surprised that none of the (few) people who view this blog had any comment on my post of Danny Boy. Maybe it's just my sense of humo(u)r, but I thought it was hilarious.

Well, it has occurred to me that I may have made a mistake by posting Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau so soon after Danny Boy. This had the effect of hiding it from everybody who uses sidebars to see what's new on blogs. So I'm wondering if posting in the other order would have made a difference. Did you ignore Hen Wlad, but would have gone for Danny Boy if you knew it was there?

See the poll to the right. It's asking whether you read either of those posts before you saw this one. And if not, would you have if the order had been different and you knew Danny Boy was there?

Added April 13: The poll got 6 responses. Three said they had seen at least one of the posts, which tells me that the order didn't matter, because even if they had just seen "Hen Wlad," "Danny Boy" was already there, so they could have seen it just be scrolling down. The other three said that they hadn't read either but they wouldn't have looked at "Danny Boy" even if it had shown as the more recent post. So six of six either read it or were not prevented by the order of the posts. That means that if it was a mistake, it made no difference, and I'm sort of pleased to know it.

Thanks to everybody who participated.

I've removed the poll. It's served its purpose.


  1. Here's your problemo.

    How do people come across a blog? Through links. How many links do you have? One. And it's tiny and unnoticable, and not even hyperlinked, on your other blog in the sidebar. If you want comments or votes, you actually need some more readers, because most readers won't comment or even bother voting.

    I'll link you on my blog. (You gotta link me back though! :P) But you should also maybe send out a few emails requesting links or leave a few comments on blogs, and maybe make the link to here on your other blog more prominent, if you're serious about this blog actually being seen.

    Not trying to come across as harsh or anything, just trying to help.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion and for linking me. I hadn't planned on adding links to the gay-themed websites because I was thinking of this as relating to a separate area. But of course anybody who sees this blog by chance and checks out my profile finds out about the other facet I blog about. So what the heck.

    I've linked you. Now I've got to figure out what to do to get it to display your latest post.

  3. BTW — *You didn't vote in the poll* lol

  4. I read it! And even watched the video! AND I voted, unlike some people around here

    *points discreetly at Mirrorboy*

  5. Well, the poll is closed, and the results show that I did not make a mistake. Either people had been to the blog, and so saw the Danny Boy post, or they would not have read it even if they had known it was there.

    So, no loss of readers because of the hasty following post.