Monday, June 15, 2009

Lauda Sion Salvatorem — Musical Settings

MartininBroda suggested I post some of the music for this hymn ("Sequence") originally written to be chanted before the gospel at the Mass for Corpus Christi. So here goes.

First, of course, a traditional performance of the Gregorian chant setting, sung by a choir of monks.

Next a setting by Palestrina. I think it is a shortened text.

And now a Renaissance setting. The composer is not identified, but it is in a style similar to Giovanni Gabrieli. Again, it seems the full text is not included.

Coming to the 19th century, part of Mendelssohn's setting, beginning at "Sumit unus, sumunt mille" and going to the end. I wonder what the earlier parts sound like.

And finally, what I gather is a version by a 20th century composer, Z. Randall Stroope. I'd never heard of him before, so far as I recall.

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  1. I have linked to this and of course I've listen to the versions. Thanks.