Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome — July 18, 2009: Pilgrim and Seth

Welcome to the two new followers of this little blog, Pilgrim, who joined yesterday, and Seth, who joined today.

Pilgrim is a young student who lives in Paris. As I recall, he introduced himself as being from Wallonia (look it up if you're not sure) and he has told of Lebanese and German ancestry as well. He gives interesting glimpses into a life which may be typical in some ways but also seems very special. He has been blogging since April.

Seth is a little bit older and lives in New Jersey, and manages to give a sometimes amusing spin to his workplace challenges and the problems of living with a very difficult mother — all the while coping with his own OCD and depression. I admire his ability to carry on in the face of everything. He has been blogging since October 2007.

Why not check out their blogs, if you haven't already?

Pilgrim and Seth, I hope you find something interesting here. Hopefully you can enjoy some of the concerts I alert readers to or the occasional music video, or both. Anyway, thanks for following.

P.S. I'm not sure I properly mentioned my other followers when they signed up. I didn't always have that practice. But I'm pleased that all of you show that interest.

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