Saturday, September 14, 2013

Classical New England — 2013/09/14

This evening's placeholder in the regular BSO slot on Classical New England is this summer's August 6 "Tanglewood on Parade" concert. There's some information at the CNE home page. Also, see their BSO page — — for a bit more about is, as well as a brief preview of the upcoming season of the BSO and other links. There is more about this concert in my post for the weekend of the concert. The program this evening begins at 8:00 p.m., Boston time.

As noted on CNE's BSO page, the regular BSO season begins on Sept. 21. I presume* that they'll have their pre-concert show at 7:00, with the concert scheduled for 8:00. (It never actually starts before 8:05 — a courtesy to patrons who hit a slight delay getting there, I suppose.)

* When I presume, I make a pres. of u and me.

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