Saturday, May 10, 2014

BSO/Classical New England — 2014/05/10

As I've noted, the Boston Symphony's 2013-2014 season has ended. For most of this month and next, the Boston Pops will be performing in Symphony, and Classical New England/WCRB will be recording a number of their concerts to broadcast and stream. But this week and next it's time for some symphony concerts that were not broadcast earlier in the season. This week, and on Monday, May 19, it's an all-Mozart program from March 8, which was displaced by the March 6 performance of Salome. This concert features Menahem Pressler tickling the ivories, with members of the BSO. The performance detail page supplies the following:
Acclaimed for decades as a founding member of the Beaux Arts Trio, eminent pianist Menahem Pressler-who recently turned ninety in December 2013-joins members of the BSO for an intimate all-Mozart program of smaller ensemble works, including the Piano Quartet in E-flat, considered one of the composer's greatest chamber music masterpieces. The outer works on this concert-two popular serenades, multi-movement works designed as entertainment during parties-duplicate the all-Mozart program of January 14.
And as of this writing, the links to notes and audio material still seems to be available. You can also find a bit of information and links on the WCRB page devoted to the BSO. If you're not within radio range of the station, go to their website for the stream. I couldn't find a review of this concert, but here's one in the Boston Musical Intelligencer which covers and earlier performance which included the two serenades (but a different quartet with a different pianist).


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