Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Again

I'm going to hear the Ives symphony again this evening. The Boston Symphony gives some of its concerts on Tuesday evenings following the week when they first present them. Out of about 28 programs this season, 11 are being given on the following Tuesday, and one such is last week's Sibelius, Rachmaninoff, and Ives program. I enjoyed the Ives so much that I wanted to hear it again. Unlike the Rachmaninoff, it isn't played much on the radio. I'm also looking forward to the Sibelius. So I got a ticket for the same seat I had last Thursday when I heard it the first time. It's my regular subscription seat.


  1. You need someone to fill the seat(s) next to you ;)

  2. My seat is First Balcony Left, C37. Seat No. 38 is often empty (and sometimes 39 and 40). I'd be happy to have a friend occupy it. So if you're ever in Boston from late September through the beginning of May, let me know. If there's a concert that Thursday, I'll try to get the adjacent seats for you (and your dad or whoever is with you).

    On Tuesday evening C38 was occupied by a lady from Texas who was in town for some kind of conference, but chances are pretty good that the seat will be available for you with a few days' notice.

    Maybe I'll start thinking of C38 as your seat. ;) lol

    Being present when the music is being performed really does add something to the experience.

  3. Of course any time you can't use it, any other blogging friend would be most welcome.